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Formerly known as “Milwaukee Hard Money,” we have transformed into The Hard Money Co., building upon our deep understanding of the local real estate market. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we possess unrivaled expertise in real estate investment, wealth building, property renovation, and more. Whether you seek financing within our established service areas or beyond, our dedicated team is committed to helping you capitalize on lucrative opportunities, maximize property potential, and achieve your investment goals. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your real estate ventures.

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How the Process Works

Four easy steps for securing your real estate investment

Submit Your Loan Application

When you’re ready to start investing, submit your application and select your preferred loan option based on your project. There is no credit pull, so you don’t have to worry about your application affecting your score.

Submit Loan Application
We Review the Property and Loan Request

We Review Your Project

Our team of experts will quickly review and assess the value of your property, including After Repair Value, and determine whether the deal meets our criteria for loan approval.

Loan Approval and Documentation

Once your loan is approved, our team will work to collect all the necessary information and documentation in order to ensure we meet your target closing date. In addition, we’ll provide additional details on closing costs and fees required to finalize your loan.

Approve Your Loan
Closing the Deal

Closing the Deal

At closing, our team will provide the funds needed to help you secure your property while providing you with the final amounts required to secure the loan, as well as kickstarting your initial repair budget. Once you sign, we get to work on helping ensure your project is successful and completed within the loan term.

Get Involved

If you're not ready to invest today, educate yourself and begin to build your network. Here are some Wisconsin based organizations where you can get started.

Investing in real estate can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. It is not just about purchasing a property and waiting for the profits to roll in. Instead, it requires a comprehensive understanding of the market, financial literacy, property management skills, and a well-built network of experts and fellow investors. It’s beneficial for real estate investors to continually educate themselves because the industry is ever-changing. With consistent learning, investors can stay ahead of market trends, making more informed and profitable decisions. Furthermore, building a robust network can expedite the process of finding investment opportunities, partners, and trusted advisors who can offer guidance in times of uncertainty. Real Estate Investment Associations (REIAs) are invaluable resources in this respect. They offer educational content, networking events, mentorship opportunities, and much more.

  1. Milwaukee REIA: This real estate investment association is committed to providing Milwaukee area investors with the resources, education, and networking opportunities needed to grow their real estate businesses. From novice to seasoned investors, this group caters to all levels of investment experience and offers a variety of events, including monthly meetings, workshops, and mentorship programs.
  2. Wisconsin REIA (WisCoreIA): Serving the entire state of Wisconsin, WisCoreIA is a hub for real estate investors looking for education and networking. They provide regular training sessions, events, and opportunities for members to connect and share investment strategies. Their goal is to foster a vibrant community where both new and experienced investors can learn and grow.
  3. Appleton REIA: Based in Appleton, this REIA offers its members an array of resources designed to facilitate success in the real estate investing industry. From educational courses to networking events and investor meetings, Appleton REIA promotes an environment of collaboration and shared success among its community members.
  4. Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin (RASCW): RASCW is a powerful network of real estate professionals dedicated to promoting the highest professional standards of real estate business practice. While not strictly an investment association, it provides numerous resources, training, and events that real estate investors can take advantage of.
  5. Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors (GMAR): As one of the leading real estate associations in Milwaukee, GMAR offers a platform where realtors and real estate investors can access numerous resources, including legal advice, market data, and professional development opportunities. GMAR fosters an environment conducive to networking, learning, and growth for its members.

Investing in your education and building a strong network through these REIAs can significantly increase your chances of success in real estate investing. Remember, your network is your net worth in real estate.


Alongside local and regional REIAs, larger national platforms also provide invaluable resources for real estate investors. Websites like BiggerPockets, Zillow, and Trulia are more than just online marketplaces or forums; they are comprehensive platforms providing an expansive suite of resources that can prove instrumental to an investor’s success.

BiggerPockets is one such platform. As one of the most extensive online communities for real estate investors in the world, BiggerPockets offers a plethora of resources ranging from free content like blogs, podcasts, and forums to a marketplace and a networking platform. This website caters to both seasoned and aspiring investors, providing education, tools, and opportunities for networking.

Zillow is another crucial resource. As one of the leading online real estate marketplaces, Zillow provides investors with crucial data and trends about local and national markets, which can guide decision-making processes. The platform’s detailed property listings, comprehensive database, and advanced search features make it an excellent tool for finding investment opportunities.

Similarly, Trulia, another leading real estate marketplace, provides in-depth property listings and local information, such as neighborhood insights and crime statistics. This can be particularly helpful for investors interested in residential real estate.

Utilizing these larger platforms, in conjunction with REIAs, allows investors to have a well-rounded understanding of the real estate landscape, from local trends and opportunities to national market dynamics. They not only provide the information necessary for making informed decisions but also connect investors to a vast community of peers and experts from whom they can learn and with whom they can collaborate. Remember, diversifying your sources of information and broadening your network are key steps toward maximizing your success in real estate investing.

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