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with Scott Lurie

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Education. Preparation. Motivation.

Empowering the Next Generation of Real Estate Investors

Scott is the founder of F Street Group, an investment company that includes several industry vertical investments, including real estate, hospitality, lending, and emerging markets. In 2004, Scott returned to Milwaukee, WI, and began investing in real estate. Since then, he’s created several investment-specific portfolios using the F Street brand, including Development, Hospitality, Lending, and Blockchain. As part of the lending division, Scott has launched The Hard Money Co. to help investors get the funds they need to purchase and rehab investment properties.

This podcast is a journey for current and future real estate investors to help provide insight and education that Scott has learned over the years, to better prepare you for the road ahead. The mission is to empower every listener to have the courage and knowledge needed to build lasting, financial independence through real estate.

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Love it!

Being from Milwaukee, this is an awesome podcast to listen too. Insightful from a local stance, greatly appreciated


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Looking forward to this!!

As someone who has listed to every episode of the Biggerpockets Podcast, I look forward to hearing advice and information from someone local and successful, who still remembers what it was like starting out.

Anthony Vaiana

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Great Podcast!

Scott brings on great guests who are experts in their fields of real estate. Every episode has something new that I can take from it.

Aaron Pannetta



Rental Units

Since starting in real estate back in 2003, Scott has built a portfolio that includes over 1,500 rental units across the country. He continues to pursue new opportunities while adding additional buildings and conversion projects.


Under Development

Scott’s F Street Development division has $500 million currently built or under development. Projects to-date have provided substantial returns for investors while granting long-term equity.


Loans Funded

The Hard Money Co. provides $100 million in annual funding to real estate investors for their rehab projects, allowing them to realize their dreams of becoming real estate investors.

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