Loan Terms

Hard money is an excellent tool for maximizing cash flow and leverage when investing in real estate.

The Hard Money Co. currently lends to business entities for investment purposes only, such as an LLC or corporation.


Hard money is an asset-based loan that typically comes with a short maturity, as well as a higher interest rate and fee, but offers much quicker access to funds for investors.

Hard money or private lending is an excellent real estate tool, as long as you understand how to take advantage of what it offers in order to profit from it. They can be used for acquisition financing and/or renovation financing and can be customized depending on each unique situation.

Terms & Requirements

7-10 Days to Close

7-10 Days
For Closing

After Repair Value

Up To 65%
After Repair Value

6-Month Loan Term

Loan Terms

Interest Rate

Interest Rate

  • We lend on both residential and commercial assets
  • We can close in 7-10 days (or sooner if necessary)
  • We can lend on traditional purchases, REOs, online auctions, and sheriff’s sales
  • We provide Pre-Approval Letters upon request
  • Loans up to 65% ARV (after repair value) for both purchase and repairs
  • Loans up to 50% value on cash-out refinance
  • As low as 10% down payment on the purchase price (or we will consider any free and clear assets borrower may have as collateral, in lieu of down payment, and could also roll the fees into the loan amount)
  • Typical lender fees include 5% origination fee (or minimum $2,500), $1,450 Closing Costs, $1,750 Attorney Fee, and $1,500 Title Charges. This estimate does not include property insurance premium or prepaid interest/tax escrow which is variable based upon closing date. (Check out our Loan Calculator to see potential payment amounts)
  • 6-Month term, no prepayment penalty
  • Option to extend the loan at a 5% refinance fee (1st extension 6 months; 2nd and proceeding extensions 3 months)
  • 15% annual interest rate
  • Interest-only payments made during the loan term, along with property tax escrow
  • For Borrowers that would like a repair escrow as part of their loan, we require a Scope of Work. We advance $3,000 at closing to get started, then Borrower will make a draw request based on completed work. Inspection and funding will be done within 24-48 hours of the request. Includes a $200 draw fee.

Download our checklist and be fully prepared.

Next Steps

  • Apply online for a loan
  • Provide a copy of the executed offer
  • Borrower to set up a business entity (such as an LLC)
  • Provide a copy of Articles of Organization and EIN
  • Operating Agreement if more than one member
  • Submit a Scope of Work if requesting repairs as part of the loan
  • Property insurance binder and paid receipt of premium
  • Copy of Voided Check for ACH of monthly payments