Hard Money Lending for Milwaukee Real Estate Investors

Funding Milwaukee real estate transactions with the same dedication as always, just under a new name.

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Milwaukee Hard Money

The Hard Money Co., your trusted hard money lender, was founded in Milwaukee and currently operates out of its offices in the Brewery District downtown. Originally branded as ‘Milwaukee Hard Money’, we’ve been forced to change our name as our reach has grown beyond the city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin.

We’re still a Milwaukee company, though. We know this community inside and out and have the experience to help you execute your real estate investment. From fix and flip loans to rental loans, we’ve got you covered. Even if you have bad credit, we still have solutions for you!



No credit check, appraisal, or income verification means your deal stands on its own.



The use of private money allows you to scale quickly and leverage your capital.



Unlike traditional loans ,our short-term loan programs allow for quick closing in 7-10 days, making your offer more competitive and giving your real estate investments a head start.



Southeastern Wisconsin's real estate financing partner.

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Our Loan Program is Built for Fast-Moving Entrepreneurs

Hard money is an excellent tool to finance investment properties and build a portfolio. It’s often underutilized due to misunderstandings about loan terms and why choosing hard money is often the superior option to traditional lending institutions. While it’s true that hard money loans typically come with higher interest rates and shorter terms, there are a number of benefits that may outweigh the costs. Primarily, hard money loans close extremely quickly allowing investors to seize opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them. Coupled with the avoidance of credit checks, income verification, or property appraisals, the value of hard money begins to stand on its own.

If you are interested in hearing more, don’t hesitate to reach out to the lending team at The Hard Money Co. We are committed to fostering strong investor relations and are more than willing to guide you through our loan programs. Otherwise, please take a look at our standard terms and start your investing journey today.

Meet Our Lending Team

Wisconsin's Lending Experts

Next Steps for Borrowers

  • Day 1: Application

    Submit your no-commitment application to provide us info about your deal and start the process. The loan amount will be determined based on the property value.

  • Days 2-3: Review

    Our experts perform an internal CMA and provide you a loan disclosure. Your credit score or credit card history won’t impact this process.

  • Days 4-9: Processing

    The team begins collecting documentation and finalizing details regarding your loan.

  • Day 10: Closing

    We fund your deal and provide ongoing support to ensure a successful project.

What Our Borrowers Say

Investors across the country have built their businesses with loans from The Hard Money Co.

Amazing experience working with Sarah, Scott and the rest of the team on closing my first deal. Looking forward to the next deal I’m already under contract on and many more to come. The Hard Money Co. is allowing my dream of being and investor become a reality!!

Leigh Jackson

Milwaukee, WI

I have worked with THMC on a few deals already. I Just closed on the most recent one late May of 2022 and as always, it was a pleasure to work with them. Scott and his team are by far some of the best in the business and always seems to answer any questions in a timely manner. I recommend them for anyone looking to get into the real estate business.

Luis Sosa

Milwaukee, WI

Scott and his team are absolutely terrific and great to work with. They have a streamlined process and great terms that allowed me to purchase, rehab and refi a multifamily property in Milwaukee. We built a great relationship and I look forward to working with Milwaukee Hard Money on new deals for years to come.

Jason Curry

Milwaukee, WI