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The Hard Money Co. has expanded operations to include states all across the country. We currently are financing deals in the states listed below, but are growing and adding new regions on a regular basis. If you have deal in another state, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team will work through the specifics of your opportunity and provide assistance in any way we can.

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Professional Financing

My experience was rewarding working with the staff of the hard money company. I find a high degree of support and professionalism. Look forward to future deals.

Ira Abdul-Malik

Gary, IN

Star Rating System

Not job too big or small

My project started off as a hopeless case. I looked into The Hard Money Co’s terms and showed them what I was trying to do and just like that they made it possible.

Darron Hurt

St. Louis, MO

Star Rating System

Sharing in Success

There are many lending options in this space and I can say you will be well served by the Hard Money team who makes you feel like they are a part of your journey.

Callie Tally

Milwaukee, WI


Total Loans Closed

The Hard Money Co. closed 524 loans for both beginner and experienced fix-and-flip real estate investors. Our quick loan processing, beyond industry standards, gave our clients a distinct advantage in their real estate projects.


Total Funding

The Hard Money Co. lent over $81 million, injecting working capital directly into your local communities. This investment fueled growth and development, revitalized neighborhoods, and built wealth for our borrowers.


Repair Funds Released

By providing $17 million in repair funds, The Hard Money Co. enabled borrowers to fully realize the potential value of their properties. This essential financial support turned renovation plans into profitable realities.

Wondering if The Hard Money Co. will invest in your region? Let us know where you're at!