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At The Hard Money Co., we make getting investment funds easy and fast. Just send us your application, and our team will review it and respond on the same day to discuss your deal. We’ll help you spot any potential issues early on and ensure you have everything you need to close the deal smoothly. Plus, there’s no need to worry about credit checks or proving your income, and we aim to close all deals within two weeks.

Once we receive your application, our experts begin a review of your property and its potential After Repair Value. We pride ourselves on quick approvals, followed by a clear outline of all required documentation, as well as closing costs and fees. Our team is committed to working in sync with your timeline, making sure that the closing process is tailored to your convenience. When it comes time to close, our team will be ready with your funds to push the deal across the finish line and set you on a path for a profitable investment.

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Rental Units

Since starting in real estate back in 2003, Scott has built a portfolio that includes over 1,500 rental units across the country. He continues to pursue new opportunities while adding additional buildings and conversion projects.


Under Development

Scott’s F Street Development division has $500 million currently built or under development. Projects to-date have provided substantial returns for investors while granting long-term equity.


Loans Funded

The Hard Money Co. provides $100 million in annual funding to real estate investors for their rehab projects, allowing them to realize their dreams of becoming real estate investors.

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