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Personalized, Expedited, Loan Processing for Your Real Estate Investments

Why Choose The Hard Money Co.?


Personalized Service

Dedicated reps guide you from application to closing, ensuring a tailored lending experience.


Immediate Action

Submit your application and our evaluation team starts on property assessment without delay.


Fast Closing

We prioritize speed to match your urgency, closing loans quickly to meet investment timelines.


Maintain Momentum

With an in-office team, we guarantee continuous advancement of your loan every business day.

The Hard Money Co.
Puts Your Success First

At The Hard Money Co., we prioritize your success, ensuring each investment deal is expedited with precision and care, leveraging our expertise to navigate hurdles and seamlessly get your investment over the finish line.

You need a lender that works with you. When you submit a loan application with The Hard Money Co. you get a partner who wants your deal to succeed as much as you do. Get started today and see for yourself.



Loans Closed




Service You Won't Get
from Other Hard Money Lenders

Talk to anyone who’s done a loan with us and they’ll tell you the same thing: we close deals. Other lenders view you as just another application, but The Hard Money Co. takes the time to get to know you and understand your goals as a real estate investor.

We don’t want to close one loan with you. We expect that you’ll want to come back again and again because we make your deals easy. The majority of our borrowers close multiple loans with us, because our hard money product works for them.

Terms and Requirements


7-10 Day Closing

We can close as quickly as you need; typically within 7-10 days of application submission.


Up to 65% ARV

We lend a max of 65% of ARV, proven by thousands of deals to effectively predict success and ensure profit.


6-Month Loan Term

Our standard product has a 6-month, interest-only, loan term with the opportunity to extend.


15% Interest Rate

We offer a 15% annual interest rate with monthly, interest-only payments throughout the term.


100% Repair Funding

We fund up to 100% of repairs and issue reimbursements within 24 hours of completed work.


Borrower Portal

Our proprietary borrower portal shows you the status of your application or loan in real time.

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