Market Influencers

Join The Hard Money Co. Market Influence to elevate your earnings and expand your professional network. 

Earn As You




Turn Your Real Estate
Into Consistent
Monthly Income

Earn $3000/month as a real estate professional by actively promoting The Hard Money Co. alongside your regular activities, helping to expand our brand presence in your local market.

Hard Money Lender

The Hard Money Co. provides comprehensive financing solutions for real estate investors, specializing in property acquisition and renovation. As experienced investors ourselves, we understand the challenges of securing financing and aim to offer fast, reliable support for every deal.

Local. Private. Trusted.

The Hard Money Co. built its business in Milwaukee, WI, earning the trust of the investor community by mastering the local market. As we expand into new cities, we need experienced local real estate professionals to partner with us in supporting the investor community.


Local Knowledge

Your market savvy will help us source and vet potential opportunities


Trusted Partners

Serve as a point of contact for real estate investors in your community


Identify Channels

Explore new networks for opportunities to grow our book and your earnings

What We Offer


Earn $3,000 monthly as a 1099 employee, plus commissions on every loan closed in your market.

Networking Budget

Benefit from a monthly budget for networking events and paid memberships to prominent industry groups.

Event Funding

Access a marketing budget to organize meet-ups or happy hours that enhance your local presence.

Exclusive Listings

Licensed real estate agents can list our foreclosures, expanding your portfolio and opportunities.

Marketing Asset Support

You’ll receive a comprehensive marketing materials ensuring you are fully equipped to extend The Hard Money Co.’s reach within your market. We are committed to supporting your efforts and will accommodate any requests to ensure these materials are tailored effectively for your local needs.

  • Customizable Collateral
  • Investor Giveaways
  • Team Extension Support

What We Expect

Performance Metrics

Ambassadors are expected to meet specific monthly KPIs including the number of closed deals, new contacts in HS, calls and talk time, and pre-approvals sent. We provide necessary tools like RC lines for verifiable communication at a minimal cost.

Weekly Engagement

Participate in mandatory weekly calls with F Street via Slack or Google Meets to stay engaged and maintain accountability. These interactions are essential for continuous alignment and feedback.

Active Networking

Build and maintain relationships by attending local networking events and interacting with key industry players such as title companies, attorneys, and brokerage firms. Event recaps may be required to track progress and impact.

Listing and Verification

If you are a registered real estate agent, you have the opportunity to list our foreclosures, enhancing your offerings to clients. Ensure compliance and capability through our proprietary tools like RV, Propwire, and PS, depending on your professional needs.

Real Estate Success Is Driven by Local Connections

Real estate thrives on local trust and community relationships; it demands genuine understanding and involvement where investments are made. Your local expertise is invaluable to us and essential for investors needing to close their deals efficiently.

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