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Hard Money for New Investors

If you’re new to the world of real estate investing, the idea of Hard Money can be intimidating. Especially if this is your first deal, you might find yourself asking whether hard money is the right option for you. The answer, simply, is yes. If you have a sound investment available to you and a short-term loan is the clearest path to making it a reality, The Hard Money Co. is here for you.

How to know if a Hard Money Loan makes sense for you?

Is there an immediate need for funding?

Real estate transactions, especially profitable ones, are time-sensitive. The competition is seeing the same opportunities as you and the market isn’t going to wait. You don’t have time for a conventional finance company to check your credit, request an appraisal, and run your application through their bureaucracy. The Hard Money Co. can get you financed, renovated, and refinanced in the time it takes a bank to look at your application.


Will you be able to pay off the debt within 6 months?

The Hard Money Co. has a standard term length of 6 months. Our clients get in and get out with profits in hand within half of a year. Prepayment can occur at any time and we require interest-only monthly payments for the term. If you need long-term financing after the initial term, can help you recoup your investment and turn your property into a longer-term asset.


Do you have a poor or nonexistent credit history?

The Hard Money Co. does not run a credit check when assessing your loan request. If the investment property is a credible opportunity and asset valuation is sound, you will have access to financing. Hard Money Lending is the perfect choice for those who might have difficulty with a conventional lending institution.

A loan from us represents a great opportunity for new investors to get started in real estate. Hard Money is a tool that even the wealthiest, most experienced real estate investors use to finance their projects. New investors have access to the exact same tools to begin their path towards sustainable, repeatable income, and wealth creation.

Success in this business is attainable. The Hard Money Co. can help you make it a reality.

Hard Money Projects:

Buy and Hold

A long-term strategy where the investor intends to hold the property for a long time to realize gains on appreciation or recurring revenue. Refinancing options are available to get out of your initial obligations and realize your ARV margin in the short term.

Fix and Flip

Conventional financing for Fix and Flip properties is difficult because institutional lenders take a long time and often won’t finance a distressed asset. If you know a project has a short timeline, Hard Money can get you in and out with room for repairs.


This strategy allows investors to take ownership of an asset for a short period of time with minimal improvements. Often time they’ve already identified a buyer. Hard Money can turn around financing for you in a matter of days.