A New Investor’s Journey

One of our own has become a real estate investor… and we’re going to follow her journey through the purchase, the rehab, and the final sale of the property! We want to help showcase the process and show future (and existing) investors what it’s like to flip a property.

A little about the property

The property is located on Whittaker Ave in Cudahy, WI. It was originally owned by an investor who borrowed the funds to fix and flip the property from The Hard Money Co.. After starting the rehab process, the borrower went silent and we lost communication with them. As a result, we took over ownership of the property and listed it under our Real Estate Owned (REO) section of our website.

As we started receiving interest on the property, our very own team member decided that the property had what she was looking for to get started investing in real estate. We negotiated an offer with her for the home and she secured her funding through The Hard Money Co. shortly thereafter.

To help document her journey and to showcase to other potential investors what the process of borrowing and rehabbing a home includes, we decided to track her progress and share with those interested.

Exterior of Whitaker Ave

The Journey

Friday, August 28th

Sunday, August 30th

Monday, August 31st

We closed on the property today! Everything went incredibly smoothly and now it’s really official. More video to come, stay tuned.

Thursday, September 3rd (Day 4 of Ownership)

Monday, September 14th

Tuesday, January 26th

It’s been a little while since I updated, but we started drywalling in the basement and got our new staircase installed.